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An ice machine produces ice from a exterior water supply line, by way of a pump that runs water over the ice tray. Theses ice trays produce cubes, by freezing the water one thin layer at a time. There are two types of cooling systems, water-cooled or air-cooled. When the ice has formed the heating coil is activated so that the ice can detach from the tray. The ice is then dumped into a collection bin that has a sliding or lift door for easy access. A flake ice machine uses a crusher to break the ice before it is deposited in the collection bin. The size of the flake is determined by the crusher. Some crushers can produce fine flakes, while others produce larger nugget of ice. Each bin has a drain to remove water from the stored ice..


It is very important to take careful consideration in regards to which type of cooling system, you would prefer for your ice machine.

Air Cooled  machines are inexpensive and easy to install, but they can be noisy and generate lots of heat.

Water Cooled  system is more efficient and quiet, but they are expensive and could cost more to maintain.


Cubers  are a more commonly used ice machine; they come in a variety of shapes.

Flakers  can be found at supermarkets, restaurants and Hospitals

Nuggets  can be found at fast food & sit down restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores.


Modular Ice Machine  come in various sizes and ice production rates. The ice collection and storage bin are two separate units. The ice machines are usually stackable and placed on top of the ice bin. This gives of the appearance that the equipment is one sold piece.

Self-Contained Ice Machine  is an icemaker and a collection bin within one single unit. They take up less space, but they have a lower ice production rate then modular units. Self-contained ice machines come in various sizes and capacities. They are a great option when lack of available space is your main concern.

Under Counter Ice Machines  are similar to self-contained machines since they place the system within a single cabinet. However, under counter machines are short enough to be installed under the counter. They have lower ice production rates and storage capacities.

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